Vida e Caffe is the life of Globe

Vida e Caffe is the life of Globe AZ, they offer some superb coffee from ROC2, prepared by some very conscientious and talented baristas.

The front door

Globe AZ is on Highway 60, the last sizable city in Gila county, between Mesa AZ and I 40. So, getting coffee and espresso can be an adventure. Luckily for the residents of Globe and some savvy road travelers Vida e Caffe is the perfect spot.

They offers top quality coffee and espresso and some delicious baked goods. The baked goods are made locally, so they are fresh.


The Lobby?

The lobby

The lobby at there is spacious, and quite comfortable. The music playing there was at the right noise level. It was relaxing, and low enough to have a conversation without having to yell to each other.

There was a back-seating area that had mostly couches for large groups, and my favorite is the bar along the store front windows. Perfect for a mountain town.


How was the Coffee?

The espresso and coffee at there is from ROC2, which is some top quality coffee from AZ. The baristas we had did an outstanding job of severing up this fine coffee and espresso. We had a cappuccino that was excellent it paired well with our dessert.

Parking there is no issue, plenty of street parking that is really close. There are some advantages to living in Globe instead of here in the Valley.



, I have to say, I am really impressed with Vida e Caffe, if I lived in Globe you would more than likely find me there. They set it up as a place for you to come, hangout, and meet friends or family. Clearly Vide e Caffe is the “life” of Globe.




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