Victrola Coffee Roasters

Victrola Coffee Roasters opened in 2000, on 15th Avenue in Seattle WA, since then they have grown into several shops with one anchor roasting shop. Victrola’s coffee comes from all over the world, with the mission in mind of finding the best beans out there for your enjoyment. Their batches are small, but very desirable for those who are in the coffee world. Victrola offers e-mail shopping and shipping, so you do not have to be in Seattle to enjoy their coffee.If you are lucky enough to live in Seattle or you happen to be in town on a Wednesdays at 11:00 a.m. Victrola offers public cupping’s, and other events, check out their web-site for more info, or heck just hang out and enjoy some quality coffee and some wicked good espresso and pastries. Your time will not be wasted and taking such a good coffee break for the soul is such a good thing.
 I sampled their Guatemala Huehuetenango, it was quite refreshing, a lively cup of coffee, full of coco, nuts, and a nice hint of citrus, that left your mouth wanting more. The cup life was good for a half hour so I recommend it for a short drive, on the commuter train or like most people in the Northwest, it will do well on the ferry ride over to Bainbridge or Kingston. Milk brought out the coco taste to the front and gave a very smooth and some what a velvet texture. The body was well rounded not heavy, but light and full of life. Over all a outstanding cup of coffee!
Bottom line; Go find Victrola Coffee Roasters and treat yourself to some well crafted and well roasted coffee.
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