Ursa Major by Ozo Coffee

Ursa Major by Ozo Coffee lives up to it’s name sake. It is big, powerful, and is full of dark chocolate notes, accented just right by some smokey aroma. Ursa pairs well with any thing dark chocolate, and makes one heck of an espresso shot. A stand alone, with dairy, or non dairy additives. 

getting ready to enjoy a cup of Ursa Major

I like this coffee as my morning cup, it has the right weight and mouth feel, perfectly rich and chewy. You know your having a good cup of coffee before you really wake up. I also recommend this cup as an after dinner coffee on a Friday or Saturday night. Ursa Major has the right stuff to be a perfect guest on such occasions. The coffee is naturally smooth and sweet, I did not get any sour or tart finish notes when I started drinking my cup or any after I let my cup cool down to room temp. The aroma is very pleasant, not big or overpowering but a nice pleasant mixture of smokiness and dark chocolate. Which went hand and glove with the body of the coffee. It was not overbearing, and not dominating. Ursa Major complements your food with added richness.

Ursa Major is Ozo Coffee’s first adventure into roasting dark roast coffee, and I will say their 10 year wait to do so has paid off. It is a nicely balanced cup of coffee between naturally sweet, and being bold. Most bold cups are heavy and chewy and leave a bitter aftertaste. I did not get this, it was a pleasant and agreeable partner to my morning wake up rituals. Having this cup as a mid day coffee break companion is a good choice as well, especially on a windy cold March day here in Colorado.

Food Pairing

Food pairing is really not an issue, Ursa Major paired well with all of my food choices. The blend has enough strength to go with any food as not to detract from your eating but to add to it.

Ursa Major being brewed via Chemex

Over all I say it was well worth the 10 year wait for Ozo to roast a dark roast coffee. It makes me happy to see that Ozo paid attention to its coffee drinkers and gave them something that is truly a work of fine roasting, and a salute to the coffee drinking fans of Ozo for waiting and getting a worthy reward.     

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