Two Lions Espresso Roast worthy of roaring about.

Two Lions Espresso Roast from Lions Bay is an espresso blend that I find worthy of bragging about, or if you are a greedy person, you might even keep it as your best kept secret. What impressed me the most about Two Lions is the versatility, you can serve it up as it was intended, an espresso shot straight up, or with milk to make some really outstanding mocha cappuccinos, and lattes. But the bottom line test on this blend is that you can have it as a deeply rich coffee from a French press, or an exotic coffee from your Chemex, and pour over that will excite your taste buds and wake up your sleepy mind, helping you to take on the day ahead! Two Lions even excels as a coffee brewed in a moka pot. Two Lions Espresso Blend joins a distinct class of excellence that many try to be in.

B/W of Lions Bay Coffee Company

Here is what I found:



The aroma is big, as in filling up the kitchen and living room big! Providing a strong, smoky, earthy aroma with a sweet caramel finish to it, and that is before you grind it up! Once grounded, you get a more complex aroma of spice that tantalizes you as it is brewing, or being poured in a shot glass.




Two Lions is very complex, you have the sweet caramel flavor coming from the rich dark roast, the earthiness and smokiness right on top, but suddenly you find spice, and a natural sweetness that is in perfect balance with this strong and smooth cup.




The acidity is slightly citrus with a little brightness, makeing this blend a clean finish, and I was surprised to get that on all methods of brewing, making Two Lions a joy to drink, I did not have any long lasting aftertaste that I normally get.




The body was such a treat, full, impressive, heavy mouth weight that was very creamy and smooth, it kept me wanting more to drink, knowing full well I would be up for hours after I consumed so much because I could not stop enjoying this espresso.




The finish of Two Lions is very well rounded and balanced, lots of complex flavors going on, making this espresso blend such a treat to drink, you won’t easily find such a well versatile espresso blend out there!


Bottom Line:


Two Lions Espresso Blend is big and bold, like lions! But you will find a wonderful balance of flavors that don’t over power each other, you will enjoy the rich earthiness, and smokiness in perfect harmony with spice, and caramel that combine to give you a full, impressive, smooth cup with a refreshing clean finish.


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