Turtle Rock

Laramie, Wyoming’s favorite place to hang out


Turtle Rock is perhaps Laramie, Wyoming’s best-kept secret from everyone outside the state, but for the very lucky University of Wyoming students, and the fine citizens of the city, they have one of the best café, and coffee shops in Wyoming that I have yet to find. What makes Turtle Rock such a desirable destination for any foodie and coffee geek? It is that they have it all together! I mean all of it! Fresh made, top of the line food, and desserts, and of course the ever, important coffee, well, it is just so righteous! This place has real baristas that handle the espresso machine, and make great coffee, and legitimate cooks, that quite frankly, put out some over the top food for hungry college students and working professionals alike.


As you might guess, Turtle Rock is literally across the street from the U of W, and some city, and state offices. These people know and want good coffee and food, and Turtle Rock delivers, we showed up and saw that there was a line out the door, and I was ready to go else where, but when the local law enforcement officer showed up to have her lunch, she told me that this place was quick, and good so get in line. I figured what the heck, and am I ever glad that I did! It was the best coffee, espresso and food combination on Java Journey 2015!


Turtle Rock has lots of options for every type of espresso drinker, and a menu for every type of taste, from the comfort food; gluten free and vegan so all the culinary bases are covered. So if you find yourself in Laramie, WY, you must make a stop at Turtle Rock and experience your own discovery of Laramie’s best-kept secret.






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