Johnny Lolita’s Coffee Roaster Turquoise Blend

Turquoise Blend, from Johnny Lolita’s Coffee Roaster, has been quite a surprise, and very much worthy of praise! It is a blend that has two beans, that very much works in the ying and yang theory, bringing together perfect balance, and harmony. Turquoise Trail also provides you with a nice well rounded cup of coffee that has an excellent mouth feel, as well as an outstanding flavor profile that will keep you sipping your coffee for more, here is what I found.

coffee cup


The aroma of Turquoise Blend starts off with a large smell of chocolate, followed by a tantalizing scent of almonds, and then a hint of peanut butter is next, scent rounding out the scent of this fine coffee.



The flavor is what really got my attention though, first some nice chocolate, with nice almond notes, followed up buy some very distinct peanut butter. When I added cream I was surprised, but the buttercream flavor is the finishing note on the Turquoise Blend.



The body is full, but not heavy, and I was very impressed with the smoothness of the mouth feel, but without overwhelming the taste buds. Adding cream changed the body making it buttery, without losing any flavor.



Turquoise Blend has a very nice acidity. It is naturally sweet, not sharp, but smooth, and mild, with a clean bright citrus finish. I found it to be very balanced here, giving the coffee a nice medium cup life with out going sour. I don’t know about how long it could last in a cup because I was too busy drinking it, and I didn’t give it a chance to age in my cup.


Over all

Over all I say Turquoise Blend from Johnny Lolita’s is a great buy, and well worth adding to your coffee list.


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