Tres Leches Café

Celebrating Something Really New!

Tres Leches Cafe just had their grand opening, celebrating their new address in downtown Phoenix! This new location gives Tres Leche Café more space, and plenty of new options for serving their loyal customers even more!

When a coffee shop moves to a new location it often brings with it a whole new set of worries. Will your customers follow you to your new location? Will the new place have the same vibe as the old place? How will the new neighbors respond to having a coffee shop set up? After yesterday I can say that all those questions have been firmly answered, the answer is YES!

What is old and new?

The same old vibe that made Tres Leches Café such a hangout is still going on. The customer service is still top notch, and the drinks are still on my bragging list. In fact, I trust the staff so much I often tell the barista I want a “12oz of hot surprise me, with whip” and I have yet to be disappointed.

The espresso bar is where the magic happens.

What is new, is a fully functioning kitchen, cranking out some serious kick butt pan, and there are plans for it to serve food in the near future. I can’t wait for that!


Sundays are still the same as before, but the night life and the community spirit of Tres Leches Café is growing. More music, more social events, and social activism, which is always needed.  All this fit nicely into their new digs. There is now plenty of room, three times the lobby space, parking and best of all a back patio that lends itself to all kinds of great potential!

Dia de los Muertos alter

Tres Leche’s move, in my opinion, is a successful move, you get the same great coffee, atmosphere, customer service, with the new and expanded food options, events and space. Congratulations Tres Leche!

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