Top Fuel Espresso

An Apache Junction Pit Stop

Top Fuel Espresso in Apache Junction AZ is one of those hidden gems that you find by accident, or because a friend told you, “you need to go there!” It was the latter for me and I am glad I went. Top Fuel is really a guy’s espresso shop, no where will you find any “cute” things, but rather lots of auto stuff from the golden days of driving, before economy cars became the thing.

Top Fuel’s Lobby

The shop is really straight forward, and the lobby is laid out spaciously enough for people to hangout, without getting in the way of customers. There are several games for people play to pass the time away. Top Fuel Espresso reminds me of the local auto shop that my dad would take me to as a kid, get a cold coke or coffee and hangout with the town elders and discuss things. If your truck or car needed repair that was the place to go to as well.

Top Fuel’s Decoration

The espresso drinks at Top Fuel are quite good, the staff was very attentive, and very nice. I noticed on a Sunday morning there was a steady flow of regulars coming in for their usual drinks. Some sat down and enjoyed their drinks there, while others went about their weekend, saying they would be back the next day to stay. This shop is the social hub of Apache Junction.


Top Fuel Espresso is located in the Superstition Ranch Market, to the right of the store, making it a brilliant place to set up. All kinds of foot traffic, and the best part for me is that parking is not an issue. A big plus, considering that most of the espresso shops in Phoenix and the surrounding area require parking several blocks away from where you want to be.


Bottom line for me is that Top Fuel Espresso is the perfect place for men who are over 30, or serious motor heads, who want an excellent cup of coffee, espresso, or tea, without feeling like you’re hanging out in a hipster joint, or your mom’s kitchen.

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