Roaster Name: Terra Nova
Street: P.O. Box 369
Postcode: 03448
City: Gilsum
State: New Hampshire

Roaster Review:  

 I sampled two of Terra Nova Organic Coffee their coffee’s, both were outstanding. My favorite of the two was the Espresso blend. I found it to be a great all purpose espresso, be it a stand alone shot in a small cup, right out of a espresso machine, out of the moka pot on my stove, or even in a milk drink, it delivered a constant flavor, shot after shot. The packaging of the beans is worth noting as well. I picked up the bag of beans in Keene, NH and brought them home to WA, they were still fresh and full of flavor.The other blend I sampled was the Southern Cross. I found it to be refreshing and a great morning coffee. Peanut butter on toast went very well with it, as well as eggs and potatoes.  I will say Terra Nova Organic Coffee is Gilsum’s pride and joy.

Phone: 866 371 8020
Country: USA

Description: John and Cindy Brewster are the proud owners and roaster of Terra Nova.

  • They support organic and fair trade coffee.
  • Roast micro batches every day to ensure freshness
  • Easy to use e-mail order form.
  • 5 single origin roasts
  • 6 blends
  • 4 decafs

Origin of Beans:

  • Africa
  • Asian-Pacific
  • South America
Coffee Rating Number: 95
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