Street Coffee! Let your day begin!

Street Coffee is a rather new coffee shop in Phoenix, and lucky for us, they just extended its hours to include Saturday and Sunday. So now, for those of us who work Monday thru Friday, you have the chance of checking out this really cool, and laid back coffee shop.

Street Coffee sign in lobby

What got your attention about Street Coffee?

What got my attention first with Street Coffee was actually their sign out front! It caught my attention as I was driving by on 7th Street, and the rest was simply my curiosity getting the best of me, so of course I had to check out a new found coffee shop! Parking is in the back, and is some what limited, due to the fact there are three other businesses sharing the same lot. Street Coffee is brightly painted on the outside with some fantastic mural art!


Ok, so what about the coffee?

I got a cappuccino and a scone, and both were very good. The foam was done right, very tight, and not over heated. The espresso was really good, full of caramel, and chocolate notes, not bitter, but rather naturally sweet. The scone was fresh, and locally made, and paired beautifully with my drink.


How was the service?

The barista I had was very good at her job, attentive and very personable, and easy to talk to. My drink and food order was done promptly, and with a smile, so I did not mind sitting down to enjoy my drink and food.


What else about Street Coffee?

What I liked about the shop, beside their outstanding cappuccino, was the way the shop was decorated and laid out. Very modern, and artistic, there are some neat little surprises that if you spend some time there you will find and enjoy.

Street Coffee lobby

Street Coffee lobby

Would you recommend it and go back?

Very much so on both accounts.

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