Roaster Name: Storyville Coffee Company
Street: 9459 Coppertop Loop NE
Postcode: 98110
City: Seattle
State: Washington
Roaster Review: I came across Storyville by a fortunate accident, and it proved to be a lucky one at that, I took home a bag of their Prologue blend and was blown away by the roast and blend of the beans. The roast was done to perfection, not over roasted as done by some other roasters out there, but a nice balance of  a fine flavor profile of the beans and the best roast that compliments as well. The freshly grounded beans fills the room with a heady aroma and flavor falls in step, with the body giving you the most pleasing cup of coffee.  I highly recommend this roast to any body who wants to serve a cup of coffee that will please any coffee drinker out there, regardless of that persons taste. Storyville has worked very hard on perfecting their roast, and they love what they do and it shows, right in your cup.
Description: Storyville Coffee Company is a new player on the coffee roaster market. They only do on-line ordering, that is easy to use and a fantastic trip to a web-site that is truly remarkable with a video of Storyville’s beginning and end call Prologue and Epilogue that is a ad for their coffee.You can do a subscription to their excellent coffee and also order coffee equipment from them as well. They has two types of blends,called Prologue and Epilogue and both are artfully roasted to perfection for your enjoyment.

Origin of Beans:

  • Africa
  • Asian-Pacific
  • South America
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