Stir. Brewing up great coffee in Colorado Springs!

Stir is a community coffee shop worth that is making a visit, regardless if you live in Colorado Springs or like me, just driving through, looking for a quality cup of coffee.

Set up in an old, remodeled garage, Stir offers a small coffee roaster, and an amazing coffee bar. The garage doors are still intact, and they are used to open up the patio, providing the patrons of Stir lots more room.

Stir coffee bar

The coffee bar

What else does Stir have?

Stir has several amenities, and not just coffee related, but create a perfect fit for a local coffee shop, for example, there is a piano, offering a challenge to play along with, and match the right key with a song on the radio. Game boards, books to read, and plenty of space to spread out and enjoy your time there at Stir.

Stir's Piano

The Piano

Is the coffee and food good at Stir?

Yes, the coffee is excellent, Golden Pine is the coffee roaster and is housed inside the coffee shop, so, it is roasted they right there, at that location. The coffee is roasted in small batches and done to perfection.

The food there is freshly made with organic ingredients, and all the sweet stuff there is made locally.

Food at Stir

Food that is made fresh

How is the customer service?

The customer service was spot on! The barista we had was friendly, and made our drinks very quickly. We spent some time hanging out, and we were made to feel right at home.


Where is Stir located?

Lastly you can find this gem of a shop in the Old North End of Colorado Springs, right close to Penrose Hospital, and Bonforte Park. Take I-25 business into Colorado Springs, and take it to Jackson Street and you will be right there.


Would you go back to Stir?

Very much so, it is nice to find a coffee shop that is local favorite, and makes you feel like you are right at home.

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