Schmooze Workspace and Cafe

Scottsdale’s Newest MOD Bar!

And a very cool place to be at.

Schmooze is a new MOD espresso bar, that brilliantly incorporates a work space in Old Town Scottsdale, AZ. A MOD bar is very different from your traditional espresso bar, everything related to making the coffee is below the bar, and the only thing you see is the group head. The MOD bar is the cutting edge of coffee shops, and as the name implies, it has a very modern elegance to it. Additionally, what makes Schmooze different is it’s a conceptional work place for budding entrepreneurs, and independent business people who need to get work done in a quiet place, taking them away from the noise and distractions of the main or home office, allowing you to work andenjoy your coffee.


How is the lobby laid out?

The lobby is very functional. When you walk in from the beautiful patio garden,

Schmooze Patio Garden

you are greeted by an artistic coffee bar that has long, clean, lines, with a pleasing to the eye color schemed. There is plenty of room for everybody, office chairs with work tables, perfect for lap tops. Down on the other end of the lobby is a spacious parlor room that is perfectly comfortable, with couches and chairs, arranged for people to hang out, and have some polite conversations with each other.

Schmooze’s Lobby

The coffee and espresso?

Both are excellent, we had a salted caramel latte that was spot on! And a steam punk pressed Ethiopian that paired very well with my blueberry bagel.

Schmooze MOD Bar

I wasn’t sure what to expect, in regard to the quality of the coffee, since this is my first experience with a MOD bar, and I suppose I was expecting something different taste wise in our drinks because of the MOD bar concept, but I am happy to say, I could not make any discernable distinctions. So, having all the working parts of the espresso machine below the bar is no big deal, unless of course, you love seeing espresso machines like I do.


What else make Schmooze stand out?

Schmooze’s aim is to be the place to go to get your work done in a quiet, safe environment. In addition to the work tables with outlets and office style chairs, there are small office cubicles that you can rent by the hour. They come equipped with desk, a computer, and best of all a sound proof door and environment that allows you to concentrate. They also a conference room that you can schedule for larger meetings.

Schmooze workspace


Overall? I am very excited to see a place like Schmooze come into The Valley coffee market! It is cutting edge, elegant, and a very strong indication as to what the coffee, or espresso bars of the future could evolve to. Very cool indeed.

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