Savaya Coffee

Tucson’s coffee market

Savaya's Lobby

Savaya’s Lobby

Savaya, in Tucson, is a fun little coffee shop that leaves you wanting to come back for more! Specializing in Organic, Shade Grown, and Fair Trade coffee from all over the world, they also have wonderful and various ways of serving coffee to those of you in search of an outstanding cup.

Savaya knows about coffee, they have been roasting coffee since 1577, and have located here in Tucson to share their wealth of knowledge, and passion for coffee. Savaya also offers classes and workshops on coffee, open to the public on the first Saturday of the month! Perfect, if you are a fanatic of coffee, then this is your place!

Savaya's Roaster

Savaya’s Roaster

The shop itself is very cozy, and fun. I was greeted by a bright green coffee roaster at the door, and as a coffee person, this made me smile, knowing I was entering a shop that puts the heart of it’s passion right up front, for all to see.

The baristas were very talented, and friendly, they loved sharing their wealth of coffee knowledge with me, and it was refreshing to discuss coffee with people who know their stuff, and are very proud of it.

The customer service is first and foremost, the baristas want to make sure that if you have any questions about coffee, and equipment, that they are your first resource to go to.

My favorite part of my experience was sitting at the bar, enjoying my Cappuccino, reading the menu board that said it all, watching customers come in, and being served in the most friendly manner, that alone will keep people coming back for more.

Savaya is truly a Coffee Market, one of coffee, equipment and most importantly knowledge. Next time I am in Tucson I will be stopping in.

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