Queen Bean, the online retailer of Mills Coffee Roasting Company.


I just finished up my wonderful sample of Sumatra from Queen Beans and what an outstanding cup of coffee that was. The aroma filled the kitchen and woke up the entire household. I was greeted by some sleep filled eyes that were in dire need of some good and wholesome coffee. The Queen Bean Sumatra brought a smile and a few sighs of contentment as we eagerly inhaled the rich, spicy and heady aroma of the Sumatra. The flavor was also just as pleasing, full, bold, well rounded and very complex of flavors that will take you on a quick trip around the world with needing a passport or a plane ticket to the south pacific. The body of this Sumatra is full, thick, heavy and pleasantly a little buttery, enticing you to slow down and enjoy all the subtle nuances. The roast is dark (a Vienna) which is perfect for a Sumatra. The finish is long, spicy, strong and well rounded, making this coffee perfect for breakfast and also for diner and dessert, the complex flavors will complement any food.


My next sample of coffee from Queen Bean is from a place I have not sampled before, a La Cotorra from the Dominican Republic. I found it to be a big surprise, I normally don’t care for coffee from that part of the world, but this coffee has made me wanting more. A whole new world of coffee has opened its door for me. The flavor has nice chocolate and some citrus notes and I also tasted some nuttiness as well. The body is light and refreshing, making this a nice cup to start your day with. The roast is a city plus roast bringing out all the unique flavors and aroma of this wonderful bean. I found the finish to be light and quick making it a great breakfast cup or a mid morning cup for your coffee break. Café La Cotorra is a small family owned farm that is organic and promotes shade grown coffee trees that protects and serves as a natural sanctuary for the endangered green parrot that gives it name to this truly fine coffee.


Here is a little history of our coffee roaster.



Mills Coffee Roasting Company is one of America’s oldest coffee roasters. Mills got its start back in the late 1800s by Thomas Mills from Scotland he sold tea and butter, but Thomas also saw the need for roasting and selling coffee and has never looked back. Thomas Mills then set up shop in Providence RI and the Mill Roasting Coffee Company has been there since, being passed to his descendants for five generations, very few companies now days have that right to boast about. In 2013 Mills launched Queen Bean .com as a way to meet their demand and sharing their exemplary coffee to a larger audience

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