Queen Bean Galapagos Island Coffee, a Voyage of Discovery.

Queen Bean Galapagos Island Coffee, a voyage of discovery is so worth it.  A coffee that has the best of both coffee regions, Central American and Asian Pacific. These fine attributes show up in the aroma and flavor of the coffee. Giving you a truly outstanding cup. I was intrigued when I first read about it on Queen Bean web site. I thought this sounded good and I was not let down. I did brew this coffee different ways and I did come to a favorite method.

Here is what I found.



The aroma of the Galapagos Island has a very mild earthy and spice aroma that I noticed first. Chocolate was a secondary smell that is decerned as it was brewing.



The flavor is quite wonderful, I picked up chocolate and caramel as the main flavor. The earthy flavor is the constant base flavor throughout blending with the cinnamon and enhancing the chocolate when it is hot. Serve the coffee cold and you have a subtle change to caramel, especially when you add dairy.



The body is full, well rounded a full mouth feel. The coffee has a clean finish, no grittiness at all.



This coffee has a nice level of acidity, giving you a clean finish and no bitterness as it cools down.



Overall, I found the Galapagos Island a wonderful coffee, it has the earthiness and spice of the Asian Pacific coffee, and the chocolate and mellowness of the Central American. What a pleasant surprise. I did three methods of brewing, the French Press, the Chemix and the moka pot. While I am a big fan and a die hard of the French Press, I will have to say the best way to brew this coffee is using the Chemix. The Chemix gave a clean and a totally well-rounded cup. A well-rounded body that is full and exotic making you want to drink more to discover the secrets of this coffee. The moka pot intensified the chocolate and caramel flavors, giving you a strong and a bold full body cup.  The French Press fitted right in between, a bold and well-balanced cup, not overbearing or intense cup, but a cup with a firm presence.



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