Prosum’s Sumatran Gegarang: a bit of earthy goodness.

Prosum is a Latin word, meaning to be useful, do good, or benefit, and Prosum lives up to that very meaning. They have spent some quality time building an outstanding business relationship with farmers throughout the coffee producing world. This relationship leads to some great coffee offerings that you won’t easily find anywhere else. It is then brought back to Albuquerque, NM, and finely roasted with great care.

Prism coffee bar

Prism coffee bar and their Sumatran

Here is what I found.


The aroma of the Sumatra Gegarang is very big, taking over the whole kitchen, and dining room!  It is rich, with deep earthy notes, including some herbs, and a slight hint of spice. When I think of fine quality Sumatra coffee, this is it for me.

Prosum's roaster

Prosum’s roaster


The flavor of the Gegarang is smooth, earthy, rich, deep, giving it a complex flavor. A strong cup of coffee worthy of holding its own in a French Press. This offering for me is such an outstanding example of how a Sumatra should be.



The acidity is spot on, with no bitterness, offering a nice balance of sweetness, maintaining a bold element, without it being sharp. Most surprising was the cleanness! There was no long sour aftertaste, but rather a nice, finished note that stayed fresh and clean.



Gegarang’s body is full, heavy, and very impressive. I knew I was drinking some serious coffee that was very seductive to drink.



Overall I found the Gegarang to be enticing, full of freshness, with a pleasing sweet honey finish from their processing. A well rounded cup, with a nice length of cup life. There is no bitterness to be had, so you can quietly enjoy your cup over a long meal. This is a great example of Sumatra coffee, a fantastic introduction for people who are first time drinkers of Sumatra who want something that is truly exotic.

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