Prosum a place you need to be for coffee.

Prosum Roaster in Albuquerque NM is the place you need to go to if you consider yourself a coffee expert, coffee geek or even a third wave coffee person. It is all here, fresh roasted coffee served up in various ways, coffee to buy and cool swag.

Prism coffee bar

Prism coffee bar

How is their coffee served?

Not only is coffee brewed up in a V60, there is a areo press, French, Chemex, vacuum, a Japanese cold drip, and an espresso machine. All there to be used with the intention to bring out the best in coffee.


Is Prosum a regular coffee shop?

No, there is a retail front of the roastery that is open for drinking coffee and espresso. Go in, order your coffee or espresso from their talented barista’s, sit down enjoy your drink. In addition, you will find fresh roasted coffee by the pound and swag to buy to show your support for Prosum. This is Albuquerque’s mecca of coffeedom.



Okay, what else makes Prosum special?

Most of all the staff here is what made this shop special for me. They know their stuff and are very passionate about coffee. Attention was paid to customer service and making me feel right at home. If I lived in Albuquerque, I would be going there almost every day. Due to the shop is in the industrial part of town,  don’t let the street fool you. Park your vehicle go to the door and be ready for pleasant coffee experience. That was what made my visit to Prosum so special, it was nice to meet people who are just as passionate about coffee as I am.


In conclusion I found the seating area is not large but is roomy, it will not handle a large crowd. Service is outstanding and quick and you will not be waiting long of an excellent cup of coffee.

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