Park Hill Hub

Where good food and good coffee meet

Park Hill Hub

Park Hill Hub’s counter and kitchen

Park Hill Hub is one of those neighborhood gems of a coffee shop; the coffee is good, and the food is outstanding, and really different. A Mediterranean fare that is quite healthy and very delicious, so good in fact, I know I will be heading back again to have breakfast.


Park Hill Hub Food

Park Hill Hub is just a sweet little coffee shop, cozy and comfortable, made that way by the staff that will take care of you and answer any questions you have, when you embark on an epicurean adventure of healthy, made fresh food that is locally sourced, and prepped with care; care that is also taken in making coffee, and espresso, as there is an antique espresso machine that is well worth seeing in action. As a coffee geek, I was stoked to see this machine crank out the foam, and pour an outstanding shot of espresso, keeping me seated at the bar to watch this machine at work, a geek’s heaven here for certain!

All geeking aside, the atmosphere at Park Hill Hub is down to earth, and clearly a neighborhood coffee shop. They have rotating artists, with their art for sale on the walls, and live music as well. Check out Park Hill Hub’s web site for more information. Coffee shops like Park Hill Hub are the backbone of the “shop local movement”, and it is a worthy shop to promote and support, knowing full well your money is going to stay there, and make an impact on the local economy.

Over all, Park Hill Hub is on my list of places to go to, they are very good at what they do, offering something different, unique, with freshly made food, and the coffee that is just as good. Not a bad find for just driving around in Denver.

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