Ollie Vaughn’s Kitchen & Bakery is a hidden gem in Phoenix.

Ollie Vaughn’s Kitchen & Bakery is a hidden gem in Phoenix, and we discovered it because of a strong recommendation from a friend.

Ollie Vaughn’s freshly baked goods

Ollie Vaughn’s is located on McDowell and 15th Street, tucked in a group of storefronts, so you have to look carefully. There is a large parking lot to the west for easy parking. What awaits you is an outstanding display case of fresh baked goods that will leave your taste buds desiring it all. It is over whelming with pies, cakes, quiches, croissants and cookies. They make all their baked goods there right in their kitchen. You also find that there is well rounded menu of breakfast and lunch items that are as equally enticing as the baked goods

What makes Ollie Vaughn’s a coffee shop?

Ollie Vaughn’s has an Astoria 2 group espresso machine that is tended by a barista who knows their trade, I had a dry cappuccino that was worthy of praise. It is not a machine tucked in a corner hidden from site, but rather out in front where you can see it. The coffee and espresso are part of the business plan, not an afterthought. You will also find nitro and cold brew there as well.

OV espresso machine

What is the lobby like?

The lobby is very comfortable with its space inside, there is an outdoor patio where you can hangout as well. You will also find a kids playhouse back there, and the playhouse is kept in good, clean condition.


OV’s Lobby

The atmosphere there is laid back and quite friendly, the staff were great, and we had a good time chatting with them. The service was spot on, and the food and drinks came out is good order. Overall, I say the praise that was heaped on Ollie Vaughn’s was well deserved, and we are definitely making plans on going back there.

OV’s Children’s playhouse


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