Old Fashioned Iced Coffee vs New Craze Cold Brew 

Americans are the biggest consumers of coffee in the world so it goes without saying that we might try out different methods of making our favorite brew. Many enjoy a refreshing iced coffee in the summer but what is the difference between this and a cold brew?

Cold Brew

Cold brewed coffee:

  •  Takes longer to brew than traditional coffee
  •  Is often milder in taste
  •  Is lower in acidic content
  •  Is brewed with cold or room temperature water

Iced Coffee:

  • Coffee brewed with hot water and chilled or poured over ice
  • Quick brew time
  • Can be made using a variety of brewing methods
  • Can be weak or bitter

In brief…Cold Brew

While regular hot coffee is brewed with water just off boiling-point, cold brew is made by introducing coffee grounds to cold or room temperature water and letting them steep for up to 48 hours to extract maximum flavor.

In brief…Iced Coffee

Iced coffee is quite simply cooled coffee. Common ways to make iced coffee include brewing a batch of regular coffee and letting it cool, or brewing hot coffee over ice. The brew time is much quicker but the results can be mixed.

Many barristas and coffee shops are now serving cold brew as well as iced. So, which variety should you choose? Here are some of the main differences between iced and cold brewed coffee to help you decide which is your favorite.

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