O.H.S.O. Arcadia Coffee Vodka

A coffee enthusiast’s treat.


O.H.S.O. Arcadia Coffee Vodka is made by O.H.S.O. Distillery from Scottsdale, AZ. An amazing coffee vodka, that is exceptionally tasty and delightful. If you love vodka and coffee, then this is the “must have” item on your shelf.

showing ohso coffee vodka

Getting ready to try some of O.H.S.O. ‘s Coffee vodka

I have always been leery of coffee flavored items, be it chocolate, beer, or even spirits. The majority of those items use instant coffee or even worse yet, artificial chemical coffee flavoring. That is not the case with O.H.S.O. They use real coffee roasted from Infusions Coffee and Tea in Tempe AZ, and anybody who drinks coffee and/or espresso knows Infusion Coffee and Tea is a serious roaster, and does not do anything on the cheap.


What you have here is a well-crafted vodka that made with real coffee that is roasted to perfection. The blending of the two has produced something extraordinary.


Here is what I found.



A big hit of caramel with lots of graham cracker, the sweetness from the vodka is there as well. I found it to be quite enticing.



O.H.S.O. Arcadia Coffee Vodka has the flavor of dark chocolate, with hints of caramel. I like serving it chilled, as it takes on the profile of cold brew, with lots of nuttiness along with the chocolate and caramel. It is sweet, but not over the top, like some other spirits out there. It is well balanced between sweet and bitter, lending itself to a list of drink recipes for adults.



Thick, and syrupy not heavy or cloying, but I am impressed by the feel of it, rich and full bodied.



This spirit has a brisk and clean finish, due to the coffee’s acid, and of course the vodka. There is no sour after taste, and you can thank O.H.S.O. and Infusions for using natural ingredients.



I am really enjoying O.H.S.O. Arcadia Coffee Vodka, it is perfect on a hot summer day, on the rocks with a twist of lemon, or as a night time cocktail with the right amount of cream and chocolate syrup. You can go to O.H.S.O. website and find their recipe page to make your new found favorite drink even better.

having a shot

Having a shot, yummy








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