Mythical Coffee is not a Myth


Mythical Coffee is not a myth, it is in fact a real, honest coffee shop for the coffee purist, and coffee aficionados alike. Mythical Coffee just opened its doors three weeks ago, and from what I’ve seen they are off to a good start. I contacted my good friend Brian, a fellow coffee blogger, from “Brian’s Coffee Spot” to meet me at this new shop, where we were both pleasantly surprised, and impressed.

One & One

What made this shop stand out?

What stands out for me is the level of commitment to the art of coffee and espresso by Eric, Kat, and Courtney the owners of Mythical Coffee. The high standard of coffee and espresso is the choice brewing equipment that is being used there. You have Synesso Hydra MVP espresso machine, Macro Beverage System and to top it off a Kalita Wave to do your pour over. Talk about state of the art! The other side to Mythical is the cold brew, which is headed up by Adam, (and, don’t worry, the Nitro is on its way), so all the bases are covered for your caffeine adventure.

The Synesso

But wait! There’s more! Mythical Coffee is also a coffee roaster! They have a list of coffee that is changed up every two weeks, so your coffee adventure is always new and fresh. The coffee labels are also tied into the great myths, for example, you will find Helen of Troy, Lady Freya, and Wings of Icarus.


What is the lobby like?

The lobby is very spacious and comfortable, what impressed me the most is the ambient sound level was on the low side, just enough music to keep you entertained but not so loud that you couldn’t talk in a normal voice, good job! I also like the two doors to the shop, one big one up front and a discreet back door that opens up to a large parking lot. Parking has lately become an issue, so I know Mythical Coffee scored there.

The Front door to Mythical Coffee


I strongly recommend Mythical Coffee. They have set bar high for themselves and I feel highly confident that they will achieve their goal of making a myth a reality.


The Synesso at work

























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