Mt.Taylor Coffee Company is the legit deal in Grants, NM.

Mt. Taylor Coffee Company in Grants, NM is the real deal. You may ask yourself “Grants NM?” Answer is “Yes indeed!” Mt. Taylor Coffee Co. is an oasis on the I-40, it is a block north of Main Street in a house that has been remodeled into a legitimate coffee shop.


Lobby of Mt Taylor

Mt Taylor’s Lobby

What makes Mt. Taylor stand out?

Besides being the only independent coffee shop between Albuquerque and Flagstaff AZ. Which is a long stretch of highway with no place to stop and get some fresh brew coffee. Their shop has plenty of space, and is quite comfortable to sit in, and chill. A lovely place to take a break from the interstate. Another thing I noticed, there is a lot of local support from the surrounding community. So, I know that Mt Taylor is doing something right.


How is the Coffee

They are a high-quality coffee shop, in a casual setting, that serves some outstanding coffee and espresso by Red Rock Roasters. Best of all is the care and concern of quality that comes through in their drinks, and every interaction. My cappuccino was stellar!

Mt Taylor’s Cappuccino

Anything else?

Oh yes, the food! If you are a legit foodie, then you need to go there and try their food. All the food items are made from scratch, right there! I had the bagel breakfast sandwich with a local flavor twist on it, green chilies. What made this sandwich standout even more was that the bagels are actually made there, in their kitchen! All the ingredients are locally sourced. We even had a savory scone that was very southwest in flavor and it was just as outstanding. It was one of the best coffees and food experience I have had in quite a while.


Overall, I highly recommend Mt.Taylor Coffee Company. I know it is in Grants, NM which is easy to drive by on I-40, but if you find yourself there, between 6 am and 2 pm stop by, it is absolutely worth it.


The sign say it all






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