Roaster Name: Montana Coffee Traders

Street: 5810 Hyw 93 S
Postcode: 59937
City: Whitefish
State: Montana
Roaster Review: I got a bag of the Cafe Monteverde from Montana Coffee Traders, I found it to be a very nice bag of roast. The aroma was a little weak, but the taste and the body soon made up for it. The profile of this Costa Rican, was quite nice and refreshing, the body is full and very juicy, making it a nice cup for breakfast or the mid-morning coffee break. The cup life is quite long and did not sour out like most central american beans do. The roast is dark and hardy, which I like, so good job on the roast. I’ll be keeping my eye out for this bag of roast.
Phone: 800 345 5282
Country: USA
Description: Montana Coffee Traders is a certified fair trade coffee roaster in Whitefish MT. They roast mostly South American and Asian/Pafic beans. They have a extensive selection of beans and several degrees of roast on each bean. They will ship coffee beans in 5lb bags or 12 oz. in whole beans or grind to your specs. The web site is nice and easy to navigate, and the ordering system in place is easy to use. Montana Coffee Traders started in 1991, and has grown quite well to become one of the regional players in the mountain and northwest coffee industries.

Origin of Beans:

  • Asian-Pacific
  • South America
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