Moka the little pot that could and did take over the world.

Moka a single word that can make any coffee geek’s knees go soft and their taste buds anticipate the rich flavor of espresso made with this tried and true icon of the coffee drinking world.

This little marvel was first patented in 1933 by Alfonso Bialetti. His company continues today making these fine stove top espresso makers. The Moka was originally called the macchinetta , meaning little machine. Over the years the name has been shortened to Moka and is quite simple to use and maintain hence, it’s popularity.

There are three parts:

The water chamber, which is the bottom.
The coffee holder, for the coffee grounds of course.
And finally the pot itself where the coffee ends up.
The maintenance for the Moka is easy, just wash and dry after dumping the coffee grounds out.

Using the pot is just as easy:

1. Fill the bottom water chamber with water just below the release valve.

2. Put in the coffee basket in the chamber, fill with coffee level off. Tap and clean off any grounds that are not in the coffee grounds basket.

3. Screw on the pot to the water chamber.

4. Put it on your stove and let the water heat up and soon you will have rich tasting espresso in the pot. Pour out when it is done percolating;       serve straight up or with milk.

Mmmmm, yum.

There are several types of Moka pots out on the market. You can buy a single shot or a large 10-cup version. Pick one according to your needs. Bialetti is still the most popular manufacturer.

As always look for quality first and don’t settle for the cheapest. Make sure all the seals are tight and the pots are smooth and have a tight seal when they are screwed together.

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