Mamma Toledo’s Pie Hole! A must for any real foodie.

Mamma Toledo’s Pie Hole is an absolute must for any real foodie!  As well as for anybody who loves good, old fashioned, homemade pies and desserts, and I haven’t mentioned the coffee! Mamma Toledo’s is as serious about their coffee as they are the food, and both are made with great pride.

Mamma Toledo’s got my attention through Instagram, by liking one of my reviews. I checked out her web site and decided that if I was ever in North Phoenix I would make a stop. Well, guess what, my family and I are very glad we did. What a place of epicurean delight, pure wholesome food, that is super well made with quality ingredients.

What is the shop like?

The shop reminded my wife of any northeast deli that you would find in Boston or in New York City. While it is small, it is well laid out for function and comfort. We were not crowded for space despite it being a small shop that had a full kitchen in the back turning out amazing pies. What caught my attention was the color scheme, black and white walls with bold red-letter accent and to tie it all together was the gold glitter floor, just plain fun!

How was the food?

Totally outstanding! Probably the best we have had in sometime. The last time my wife had a coconut cream pie that good was back in Boston, and nothing has measured up to that standard until going to Mamma Toledo’s. For myself, I totally indulged in some carrot cake that looked like a vision. There were only carrots in the carrot cake, no pineapple or walnuts or other fillers to help out. Just plain carrots in the carrot cake. I am having a hard time finding the right words to describe this cake, it is just that damn good!

The supreme piece of carrot cake


Yes, to the coffee! They have coffee, and they have espresso, and cold brew, but what sets them apart and put them on CoffeeKen’s radar is they have a healthy espresso menu, custom tailored for Mamma Toledo’s. You won’t find those drinks anywhere else. I ordered a cappuccino to go with my carrot cake, what a perfect pairing that was. I am used to having desserts shops offer espresso or coffee to go with their food, but it is always treated as a secondary item and nobody there really cares about making the perfect shot. Proud to brag about it, that was not the case at Mamma Toledo’s, it was made with great care as they do with their pies and desserts.

Cappuccino and cake

Now Mamma Toledo’s is not strictly a sugar tooth haven, they also have some savory pie items, and after 12 o’clock, the pot pies are on the menu. All made with fresh ingredients and great care. I strongly recommend Mamma Toledo’s to anyone who loves a home baked pie. The little store is run by a wonderful family who really put their hearts into what they are doing, and it really shows in the food, and the coffee.

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