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Limu is an extraordinary coffee from Ethiopia and Oceanacoffee has done it once again, from the birthplace of all coffee, the Limu is a wonderful offering This coffee as I found out much to my great pleasure has, I mean really has blueberry notes. You can smell it in the aroma as you grind the beans, your kitchen is filled with the tantalizing smell of blueberries and best of all you can really taste it, and a small voice in your head say YES! That is Blueberry! Where have you been?


You must forgive me for being so eager; I have tasted and drank a lot of coffee that claims to have certain taste profiles, all I have tasted is burnt or baked coffee that has none of the claimed flavor profile. This Limu however, from the fine roasters of Oceanacoffee is the exception, what you smell is what taste.


This coffee has a natural sweetness to it, the acidity in it is normal and the body of the coffee is quite full giving you a very satisfying feel. The flavor profile is excellent, the blueberry notes up front and just the right degree of being fresh with out overpowering the whole cup experience. I then put whole milk with the Limu and it smell and tasted like blueberry pancakes with a nice quite chocolate note on the side. This coffee enthralls me. I can see why the coffee took awards in FL it is just that good.


If you love coffee and love sharing it with people who love an adventure in a cup the Limu is a perfect bean to do that with and as an iced coffee it is perfect for a hot summer day and quite good to go as a dessert coffee as well.

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