Carta Coffee Merchant’s Latitude Natural vs. Latitude Traditional.


Latitude Natural and Latitude Traditional, are the sample offerings from Carta Coffee Merchants showcasing the difference between processing the same Kona coffee bean, in different ways! The result is truly remarkable! The main differences between the two are the use of water to process the coffee, and the flavor that remains after the coffee is processed for roasting. The Traditional method uses water to clean the cherry away from the coffee bean, while the Natural method uses no water, but solar power to dry the cherry off the bean. At which point it is sent to the mill, pulped, and made ready for roasting. The difference between the two I found to be significant, and this is why.


The Aroma

The Aroma of Latitude is big, bold, and earthy, surprising me was a very firm aroma of vanilla that wafted up from the cup and filled the room. I did not expect this type of aroma profile from any Hawaiian coffee, so this was a very pleasant surprise.

The Flavor

The Flavor is complex, strong, bold, and earthy, with citrus, and vanilla notes. Both coffees are naturally sweet with a smooth finish, making these coffees a treat to drink. Both offerings are dark, and bold, which runs through the taste profile in these coffees. The roast did not take away from the flavor, but rather enhanced it, making a statement of the flavor, not a suggestion.

At this point the processing practice makes it self known, the Traditional method is cleaner, and brighter, with stronger citrus notes making it a cleaner finish coffee, while the Natural is bold, and strong, with a very distinctive presence.  You will not confuse the two coffees at all.

The Body

The Body is also very impressive, providing a full, heavy mouth feel, without a long lingering aftertaste, due in part to the natural, medium acidity. I feel that the dark roast is partly responsible for the body being full, and impressive. The Traditional method gives the body more room to play in your mouth, allowing your pallet a chance to go on an exotic trip to Kona, while the Natural method provides the full earthy feel, and the texture of Kona’s volcanic beginnings.

The Acidity

The Acidity of the Traditional Latitude is naturally sweet, but not over the top. There is a pleasing hint of citrus that lends to a bight, clean finish. The Natural Latitude is not as bright, but rather more full, and robust. The finish I found to be just as clean, but not as quick as the Traditional. I found the Natural to be a better traveling partner in my cup than the Traditional because of the lower acidity.


I love both of these Kona Coffees from Carta Coffee Merchants! The Natural is noticeably bolder than the Traditional in every aspect, I am not saying that the Natural is better than the Traditional; it is just a bolder coffee. I found both coffees excellent, and worthy of any fine restaurant or coffee shop. As a coffee lover I found this package to be quite enlightening, and entertaining, as it is always fun to learn new ways of roasting, and enjoying coffee! The same coffee bean processed two different ways! Like night and day personalities! I am putting this on my list of coffees to have!

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