La Mulita Coffee a hard-working coffee roaster.

La Mulita Coffee a hard working coffee roaster, is out of Rye New Hampshire. They specialize in roasting the five coffee regions from Colombia. The La Mulita name is inspired by the sure footedness, and smooth ride of the mule. La Mulita is a small roaster that has taken the art of coffee roasting very seriously, and it shows. I got their offering of the Giraldo-Antioquia, and here is what I found.

Getting ready to enjoy some coffee


When I opened the bag, the aroma was very subtle and enticing, with wonderful hints of cocoa and honey. As I was brewing the coffee the kitchen came alive with these aromas, bringing down some sleepy soon to be coffee drinkers.



The flavor of the Giraldo-Antioquia is very enchanting. I got cocoa right at first, followed by the honey quite immediately, but as my cup cooled down, caramel showed up making this coffee a trio of wonderful flavors. Then I added dairy to my coffee and the harmonizing trio of flavors were still there, and none of them were diminished by adding dairy.

Some cool art on the back of the bag.


This coffee has a pleasant mouth feel, it was right in the middle of the Goldie Locks zone, not too light, nor too heavy, just right, which for me is a pleasing experience. Most of the coffees that I have tasted from Central America tend to be on the light side, or very watery. Not with this coffee, it changed my mind about Colombian coffee.



Giraldo-Antioquia is bright and lively, not sharp or bitter. There is a smoothness to this coffee as it ages in your cup. The finish is tasty and smooth, no bitter aftertaste or metallic finish, just a pleasant cup of coffee.



La Mulita has delivered an excellent cup of coffee, their spot-on roasting brings out the wonderful flavors of cocoa, honey and caramel. This coffee is a great ambassador for Colombian Coffee, I did not get the off-putting bitterness or metallic acidity, nor the conflicting flavors that I have had in the past. The Giraldo- Antioquia in my opinion is what everything should be in coffee, a harmonious blend of flavors with a subtle body and a pleasant acidity that makes this coffee stand out.

The walking mule tee from La Mulita





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