Kuppa Kona is Full Body, indeed!

Kuppa Kona is Full Body, indeed! Carta Coffee Merchants have scored with this coffee. Every year Carta rolls out a new coffee and keep raising the bar higher, and higher as to what Kona coffee should be. Kona fans, you should go online and get yourself a bag of this excellent coffee!

Carta Coffee’s Farm

Here is what I found.



Kuppa Kona has a big aroma, full of deep earthiness, with a hint of volcanic fire. There is a nice finish note of citrus as the aroma pleasantly entrance your senses.

As I brewed this heady coffee, the aroma did not diminish at all! It made its way to the upstairs of my home, and brought down some household members to par-take in an afternoon cup.



Very rich, smooth and bold, full of deep dark coco, and balanced with some outstanding citrus. I paired Kuppa with some dark chocolate orange cookies, and this turned out to be a perfect match. The pairing really turned the coffee from a smooth cup to a velvet beverage with some serious caffeine.


Bold, full, and heavy. Those are the three main adjectives that I use to describe Kuppa. You know you are drinking something serious with this coffee, it is not a light weight, nor is it watery. A bold statement of “here is some coffee”.



Very low, Kuppa maintains its flavor profile all the way through, which is what I love about Kona. There is no sharpness, it is naturally sweet but not over the top. There is a natural fruitiness that gives Kuppa a nice little pop of excitement, but it does not take away from the flavor nor does it make it sour as its ages in the cup or pot.



Kuppa Kona is a great addition to Carta Coffee Merchants offering. The drying process, the non-fermentation wet method, and the dark roast is a perfect combination for an excellent coffee that brings you to Kona without hopping on a plane. Of course, now I want to go to Kona.

Coffee in the bag








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