Kofe is the place to go in Berthoud!

Kofe is the place to go in Berthoud CO, this little shop is in the former Da Bean, so the location is perfect. What makes Kofe different from the former is the décor, and atmosphere.

Kofe's Lobby

Kofe’s freshly painted lobby

Kofe immediately gave the shop a fresh paint job, using white and lavender as the two main colors. A major shift from the sunshine yellow and white. I like the color pallet, it’s easy on the eyes, and tranquil. I felt inclined very to hang out, and drink coffee all day. There is a wonderful selection of work created by local artists gracing the walls, all of which is of outstanding quality, and reasonably priced.


The lobby is well laid out, with lots of spacious and varied seating, including couches, chairs and a nice long big conference table with plenty of space around it, ideal for big groups to sit down and have a productive meeting.

the big table

The Big Table

What about the atmosphere?

The atmosphere is great, the staff greets you once you enter the door, which happened with the Da Bean, but what makes it different, is that the shop is more of an adult demeanor, even though there is a play area for kids.


What is else there?

You can still get freshly made food there, like you used to, the quality is very good, and the service is spot on. Breakfast and lunch items are the main focus of the kitchen. The other main focus are the pastries, of course, and they are excellent and fresh. There are delicious gluten free, and vegan options as well.


What about the coffee?

The coffee and espresso at Kofe are excellent, the owner used to own a very successful drive through coffee shop, and this shop was presented to her as an opportunity to try something different. So, the quality of the coffee and espresso is not an issue, it is top quality.


Kofe's bar

The Coffee Bar


Overall, I say Kofe is a perfect addition to Berthoud’s small business section, and a great new neighbor that is, or will be the hub of community. They are filling in some big shoes that have been left behind, and dare I say, they are doing it well. I can’t wait to see where they will be by next year, not doubt, something amazing I bet.







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