Roaster Name: Java Mountain Roasters

Idaho Springs popular coffee purveyor

Street: 1510 Miner Street
Postcode: 80452
City: Idaho Springs
State: Colorado
Roaster Review: I sampledJava Mountain Roasters  Tanazanian Peaberry, it was quite good, full of fruity flavor, a solid cherry note that was naturally sweet. The body is well rounded, light but with a rich texture not watery at all leaving me very satisfied. The aroma had a very distinct signature of flowers with some cherry undertones. The acidity is well rounded not sharp, but very clean and crisp not leaving a heavy aftertaste.
Phone: 303 567 0304
Country: USA
Description: You will find Java Mountain Roasters in the historic part of down town Idaho Springs, set in a victorian store front with the roasting operation in the back room, so the smell of fresh roasted coffee fills the air. You can buy direct from the shop or mail order. They are also located up and down the I-70, into Denver as well.

Origin of Beans:

  • Africa
  • Asian-Pacific
  • South America
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