Infusion Coffee & Tea’s Sulawesi Mamasa, a perfect introduction.

Mamasa Sulawesi from Infusion is a perfect introduction to coffee from the Asian Pacific region, it is bold, well rounded and full of flavor. The roast on Mamasa is perfect, not underdone or over roasted, just right, giving you a perfect balance of flavor and body.



Here is what I found in my sampling.


Mamasa is full of rich deep dark choclate and green bell peppers, yes I did smell bell peppers when I opened the bag.  The plums, black currant and grapefruit became evident once I added water and started the brewing process. While the coffee was brewing the kitchen became full of exotic aromas that you find at any farmer’s market. Truly enticing knowing this came from my coffee.



Infusion’s Mamasa is full of flavor that is well rounded and balanced. You won’t find any flavor dominating the others. I picked up the Bell peppers right away, and the dark chocolate, but as my cup cooled down I notice the flavor of plum, black currents and grapefruit making an appearance on stage all in equal balance. I did added milk to my cup to notice any changes, and the milk gave the black current and dark chocolate a slight edge overall.



The Mamasa is naturally sweet, I did not get any bitterness at all. I let my cup sit for about a half hour, there was not a slight edge to it at all. I liked the smoothness of it and there is a certain briskness to it. Mamasa is a pleasure to drink.



The body of Infusion’s Mamasa is outstanding in my opinion, it is full, impressive and juicy as well. A great first impression coffee, I did not have to work on getting to like this coffee, I liked it from the first sip.


I found it to be a clean cup, no long nasty aftertaste, but a very pleasant sweet finish that stays long enough to make you want a second cup. Overall I found Infusion Coffee & Tea’s Mamasa an excellent cup to have.

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