Golden Pine, roasting up some golden coffee.

Golden Pine Coffee Roasters is one of those small volume craft roasters that you have heard about. They are located in Black Forest CO and have been the suppling the good patrons of Stir Coffee shop with some of their outstanding coffee.


What makes Golden Pine Coffee different that the others?


What makes Golden pine different, is that they use a Sivetz Air Roaster. This produces a more even air flow around the beans and as a result an even roast occurs. Sivetz is based out of Corvallis OR and all the equipment is made there. The other main difference in a Sivetz Air Roaster, is there is no flame, it is all hot air that roast the coffee.


What coffee did you try?

Bag of Colombia

Bag of Colombia

I was lucky enough to get my hands on some Colombia Monserate, that really changed my opinion on coffee that is coming out of Colombia.

Here is what I found:

The roast was darker than usual it was a City+ which brought out some big aroma of hazelnut. As the coffee cooled down I picked up some floral and fruitiness as well.

The flavor of Golden Pine’s Colombia was very smooth, naturally sweet with hazelnut and clean. There was no bitterness as the cup cooled down. I added half and half and found out the fruitiness becomes a more dominate flavor in the profile.

The acidity was the biggest surprise for me, there was no bitterness even when the cup became warm. The Monserate is very naturally sweet, so there was no lingering after taste, a clean finish.

The body is very well balanced, a clean taste that is not muddy and best of all it was very impressive. Medium in mouth feel not overly thick or thin.


Would you recommend this coffee?

You bet I would! I found this coffee to be very clean and naturally sweet. The cup life is just the right length, as it cools down the fruitiness becomes the primary profile, so this coffee doesn’t sour with in 2 minutes after pouring, but stays consentience, not a bad deal overall.

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