The French Press, the important tool to have:

Ah, The French Press, favored by coffee geeks the world over. This particular item is perhaps the best way to bring out the full taste and feel of the coffee. While there are several manufacturers creating good quality French presses, the most popular is by a company called Bodum, but with all things in life, take your time to find out what works best for you.

Here are the some tips for finding the perfect French Press:

Check the workmanship – quality is the key (isn’t it always?).
Look over your potential new press carefully to ensure that the fine wire mesh is folded over and has no loose wires sticking out.
Check to see that the press slides smoothly up and down along the glass pot; it shouldn’t stick along the way.
The piston (the rod) that presses the coffee should be firm, not allowing for any wobble. This helps prevent breaking the glass.
The glass pot should be easy to take out for cleaning (although I always clean mine in the holder, it’s easier) and the press mechanism should disassemble easily, also for cleaning.
As a matter of practicality, make sure that replacement parts are easy to come by for your French press, especially the glass pot. I have on occasion broken my glass pots and have learned the hard way that some are easier to replace than others. Check this out ahead of time and save yourself the headache.

Coffee is meant to be enjoyed and with the right equipment, the rituals of coffee are indeed quite enjoyable.

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