Fog Woman Coffee

Roaster Review:

Fog Woman Coffee is named in honor of the Fog Woman who in Northwest People mythology provided salmon to the Raven’s people, it was her generosity that helped out Ravens People to live and in an modern sense Fog Woman Coffee is doing the same, they are proud supporters of Cafe Femenino Coffees. All the coffee from Cafe Femenino is certified organic and actively supports women coffee growers from all of the South American and Central American coffee farmers. The result of this that woman coffee farmers get the full price of their coffee instead of the middle men which is the right thing to do in my opinion.

Fog Woman Coffee is also very community minded, there is a higher education scholarship that is offered all funded by coffee sales and Fog Woman is also a supporter of the Haayk Foundation that keeps the Alaskan Tsimshians language and custom alive.

I sampled the Clan House Blend and found it to be a really nice blend of Asian Pacific coffee that has a bold and robust flavor profile. Long lasting in the cup, no bitter after taste,due in fact to the roasting method of slow roasting and excellent skill of managing the heat.Clan House is bold and a nice full body that makes it a nice blend to take on long trips.

Phone: 206-855-9061
Country: USA

Description:100% organic beans, these beans are slow roasted to bring out the very best traits of each region.

Origin of Beans:

  • Asian-Pacific
  • South America
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