Fahrenheit’s Green Mesa Blend is worthy putting on your table

Fahrenheit’s Green Mesa Blend is worthy for your table. This coffee roaster is the kind of small town coffee roaster that I like, they always have to have their A game on. Your market is small and you have to be consistent in your product 

This coffee blend is very pleasant tasting with a stout, robust body. Giving you a clue where this coffee is from. Fahrenheit Coffee Roasters is in Mancos Colorado, a small mountain town located close to the four corners area, between Durango and Cortez Colorado. I like to think that the cold crisp mountain morning air has a lot to do with the desired roast level of Green Mesa Blend. But that is me being a romantic. 

How is Fahrenheit’s coffee? 

What I really admire is the clean finish, normally you don’t get that with coffee that is bold and rich with earthy flavors. There is a pleasant smokiness to it and a nice taste of caramel when you drink it, enhancing your experience. The other surprise for me is the its juiciness, lively and subtly fruity without being over the top, a perfect balance of coffee bean blending. I did not get any sour notes in my cup as I let it age and get cool. The flavors stayed consistent through out. This is truly a winner in my opinion. 

Next I did send this blend through my espresso machine and had it as a stand alone shot which was quite yummy, in a way only espresso drinkers would enjoy, but the rest of the people here at CoffeeKen.com got it in their espresso drinks had favorable comments  from a killer cappuccino to a eye opening flat white. Green Mesa enhanced the drinks and still provided it flavor profile through out. 

Food pairing is always fun and exciting, we did the morning ritual of eggs and toast and oatmeal which was a big hit and the more odd pairing of dried dates with cheddar cheese which surprised us completely how well it worked.


Overall Green Mesa Blend from Fahrenheit Coffee Roasters is a winner in our books for 2022 and will have a place here on our coffee table.

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