Roaster Name: Fahrenheit Coffee

Street: 869 2nd Ave
Postcode: 81328-9252
City: Mancos
State: Colorado
Roaster Review: I sampled Fahrenheit Coffee’s Timor Maubesse, it was a excellent roast. The aroma was full of chocolate right away with a nice of follow up of earthiness and subtle spices and herbs. Not to heavy handed on the flavor but a nice blend of chocolate, earthiness, spice such as nutmeg with a lemon finish. The body is rich and complex almost creamy in texture, not a dark roast but a well rounded medium roast that brings all the complex flavors out.  The acidity is nice and clean with a pleasant citrus finish making this coffee a nice refreshing cup to have. I added milk, it stayed the same flavor profile, but just became more of a velvet texture. Overall it is a full body, nice aroma,and a smooth aftertaste. Well worth the effort to find in southern Colorado.
Phone: 970-533-7440
Country: USA
Description:Fahrenheit Coffee is a small but popular roaster is located in southern Colorado. They also have a full service coffee shop set up there, where you can enjoy their wonderful coffee with some wholesome fresh made food. The hours are 630 a.m. to 5 p.m. Closed on Sunday.  You can buy their coffee directly in their shop or you can find them in the regional shopping outlets. The coffee is roasted almost daily so check their board to see which is the freshest and when you buy a bag of their coffee you get a free 8 oz cup of coffee to go with it.

Origin of Beans:

  • Africa
  • Asian-Pacific
  • South America
Coffee Rating Number: 96
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