EXO Coffee,

Tucson’s trendy coffee shop

EXO's Coffee Bar

EXO’s Coffee Bar

EXO is it a monogram for someone, or a monogram for excellent coffee? I think the latter. EXO is one of those places that you are surprised to find your self in and equally surprised by having an excellent time of drinking coffee and hanging out.


EXO is located in the artistic part of Tucson, not the “Old Tucson” but the early 20th century part, an old brick building that has been tastefully remodeled and turned into a trendy coffee shop and coffee roaster all in one. My favorite part is the exposed wall advertising from the late 40’s or early 50’s, it added to the atmosphere.

EXO's cool interior

EXO’s cool interior

EXO came to my attention from the cashier at the Pima Air and Space museum, she told me I had to go and she was very right, the staff is very knowledgeable in the fine art of latte art, and the fine science of espresso and coffee making, we had a wide range of drinks and all of them were done to perfection in a timely manner, and with a smile.


The shop is laid out nicely, with plenty of space and elbowroom so you’re not crowding anybody. My favorite part is the sidewalk seating, where you can watch people go by, while sipping quality coffee.

And, speaking of coffee, EXO roast their coffee right there. When you walk in, a Probot coffee roaster is located in a place of importance, in the back with bags of coffee beans surrounding it. Their coffee is regularly roasted, and dated so you know you are getting the freshest coffee available. EXO has a fairly wide range of single origin beans, so be adventuresome, ask the roaster, or barista, what their favorite is, and try it! It will be well worth your time!

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