Ethiopian Harrar Matador Coffee’s Single Origin

Matador Coffee Company has roasted up an outstanding single origin, Ethiopian Harrar! The Harrar coffee bean is often characterized with berry notes, and chocolate, but Matador has pulled some other flavors out, too, such as tobacco, and vanilla.

Matador's fresh roasted coffee

Matador’s fresh roasted coffee


The aroma of Matador’s Harrar is big, and bold, full of berry notes, and tobacco. The vanilla, and chocolate show up as a secondary aroma.



Matador’s Harrar flavor is very smooth, complex, with the mix of vanilla, berries, chocolate, and tobacco. I found the berry profile to be the first, and foremost flavor in all of my serving techniques. Vanilla was next, with chocolate, and tobacco occuring in that order.  As the Harrar cooled down, the chocolate note became the bigger flavor. I added milk to my French press serving, and the vanilla profile became the dominate flavor. The Chemex, and pour over brought out chocolate flavor profile, making it to be the most outstanding flavor.



The acidity in the Harrar is naturally sweet, smooth and mild. I found Matador’s Harrar cup life to be on the medium side of time before the flavor changes. It changes to tobacco as a result, it is a mild flavor, not sharp or bitter.



The body of Matador’s Harrar is impressively full, not heavy, or watery, but full, complex, and very well rounded. The Chemex and pour over did reduce the body weight of the Harrar, but not greatly. I only came across it as I was doing a side by side test, and only then did I noticed the difference.



The finish is quite good, full, and well rounded. The berry notes are the consistent flavor. The vanilla, chocolate and tobacco flavors switch around depending on your serving methods, and as the coffee cools down in your cup.



Overall I found Matador’s Harrar to be a quite enjoyable cup of coffee. It would be great for breakfast, break time, and with some desserts that have chocolate, and vanilla notes. The Chemex offered the best range of flavors, with the pour over, and the French Press, in that order. If you are a fan of Harrar, then Matador offers a great version of Harrar.


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