Driftwood Coffee Company, Peoria AZ new kid on the scene.

Driftwood Coffee Company is Peoria’s new kid on the local business scene! I got to see the talent, and customer service tested as they experienced equipment issues during their grand opening! They did not let anybody down, and all was managed with grace and cool heads. Driftwood had their grand opening this past weekend, so of course I went to go check them out, and was quite surprised to see it really crowded, I mean out the door crowded! It turned out that their reverse osmosis (RO) water system was falling short of suppling an adequate amount of water, and the poor espresso machine put up a valiant effort and was working desperately to keep up with the demand, but sadly fell short.


This alone would have unhinged many coffee shops, but not the people at Driftwood! They just kept the drinks flowing, calmly explaining what was going on, and everybody was cool with it. So, kudos to the patient customers, too.

The fine skill of Driftwood’s baristas

Our drinks where made perfectly, and remarkably, in a timely fashion. I did not feel that any short cuts were made, and attention was paid to quality and perfection, which I found it to be amazing, considering how many people were there before and after us. Everybody there was very happy with their drinks, including us. In view of this, I say Driftwood is off to a great start.


Driftwood’s spacious lobby

The shop itself is quite modern in design, white walls that are decorated with some top-quality photography, along with some well-placed tables and chairs. I did not feel crowded at all, despite all the people that came there to support the locally owned coffee shop.


Driftwood is located in downtown Peoria, in the historic area, so you will find ample street parking on some nice wide streets.


Overall, I will say keep Driftwood Coffee Company on your coffee shop radar, it is well worth it. Their coffee and espresso are top notch and their chia tea is spectacular. They kept their cool under a very stressful situation, and still delivered their “A” game.

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