Cutbow’s Ethiopian is a Spectacular Catch!

Cutbow’s Ethiopian is a spectacular catch for the novice coffee drinker, and a coffee geek like me. I find myself drinking it quite eagerly. A good balance of flavors that work well with each other. This coffee lends itself to be used at any time of day or for any occasion. A nice, all-rounder cup of coffee worthy of any coffee shop, or private home.

Cutbow Coffee, read the label carefully

Here is what I found.


The aroma of Cutbow’s Ethiopian is big, and rich, with jasmine, a sublet hint of milk chocolate, and blue berry that entices the taste buds.



Very naturally sweet, the blue berry and jasmine vie for attention on your taste buds. The milk chocolate is a pleasant finish note. The finish is clean despite the strong flavors. There is no mistaking this coffee for any other.


I did add milk to it to see if it would change the flavor profile, which it did. In my opinion it enhanced it even more. The milk chocolate becomes the driving flavor, and the coffee takes on a wine like quality. Very enjoyable.



Nicely balanced, sweet without any sharpness, smooth and rich, not flat or sharp.

good stuff


The body is full and impressive, not light or watery, but a solid well-rounded cup of coffee.


Cup Life:

The cup life of this coffee is a medium, meaning it can’t stay in your cup or pot for an hour without losing any of the freshness.



I felt it was wine like in its first sip, and that stayed with me through out while I was drinking it. It was fresh, full, fruity and clean as well.



This cup from Cutbow really rocks! Well balanced with flavors that work well with each other, it is fresh, full bodied and very worthy of being in any geeks collection of outstanding coffee.


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