Cutbow Coffee clearly a cut above the rest.

Cutbow Coffee is clearly a cut above the rest in Albuquerque’s expanding coffee market. Upon entering Cutbow’s lobby, you immediately know that you are in a shop that is very serious and equally passionate about their coffee.

Cutbow is named after the hybrid trout that is found in New Mexico’s waterways, a cross between the cutthroat and rainbow trout.  Paul Gallegos, the owner, picked the name of Cutbow in honor of his father who was an avid fisherman.

Cutbow’s lobby

What is the shop like?

The lobby of Cutbow was fantastic. It is a happy marriage of coffee items and fly fishing. A odd combination, but one that works surprisingly well together. I felt at home and comfortable there, considering that we were there for the very first time.

The lobby was very spacious, and the seats were quite comfortable.


The other thing that I noticed in the lobby was the workhorse of Cutbow. The coffee roaster, a Giesen. This roaster is quite the coffee roaster and is also very artistically pleasing to look at. It is a nice show piece for the lobby.

Cutbow’s Coffee Roaster

How is the espresso and coffee?

It was top of the line. I had a straight shot that was amazing. I have not had that kind of espresso, that can stand alone, in quite a while.  We also had an Americano that was quite good. The espresso was expertly blended together making the shot a real treat to drink.

It was all served on a tray in stylized cups that made the experience great.  The barista there clearly knew his craft and brought out the best to show case this espresso.

Cutbow’s presentation

I am very pleased to find Cutbow Coffee. Mr. Gallegos had a dream and made it a reality, and I am very glad that he shared with everyone. The passion and care shown in every aspect of this dynamic coffee shop, making Cutbow a cut above the rest.


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