Zambia AAA from Cult Coffee Roasters

Cult Coffee Roasters of Phoenix AZ has a really nice offering of coffee from Zambia. Zambia is located right in the middle of the coffee growing region of Africa. You would expect to hear more about this nice quality coffee from there. The main reason you haven’t heard much is largely due to the fact that the coffee has some really good years and some really bad years, and this year’s crop happens to be good.

Cult Coffee at the Mod

Cult Coffee at the Mod

Cult Coffee Roasters happened to get in on a good year’s harvest and now is reaping the rewards of such a good coffee that has been finely roasted to perfection.


Here is what I found:



The aroma of Cult Coffee Zambia AAA is big, rich with some nice solid dark chocolate notes. Those aside I also did notice some fruity, herbal and some smokiness undertones as I inhaled the aroma.



Cult’s Zambia has some super rich flavors of dark chocolate that stays with you throughout the cup life. When it is first poured to when it gets cold, the dark chocolate is still there. The other flavors I picked up some spice, malt and fruit like notes. Milk or cream made the dark chocolate more pronounced and the other flavors faded in the background rather quickly.



The Acidity of the Cult’s Zambia was very smooth, naturally sweet and clean. I found no sharp bitterness as the cup cooled down and the other flavors came out. The overall acidity is bright, brisk and well balanced cup, with a clean finish.



The body of the Zambia full, and very impressive, it was watery not buttery or creamy, which made this a perfect coffee for breakfast or morning break.




The finish of the Zambia AAA is bright, clean, complex with flavor that is rich and fresh. A perfect way to start your day with a great big cup of Cult Coffee Roaster’s Zambia AAA.

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