Conscious Coffees, consciously keeping it right.

Conscious Coffees, consciously keeping it right. We here, at CoffeeKen Coffee Club, indulged ourselves with some mighty fine coffee. The coffee that was on the table was from Conscious Coffees out of Boulder, CO. This coffee roaster has been in business since 1996. A family run operation with Craig and Laura Lamberty, and Craig’s sister Kim, rounding out this fabulous team. The coffee in question was the Organic Ethiopian Sidama Fero.

CoffeeKen Coffee Club

We were in for a treat. The blueberry notes rang out along with the chocolate and almond. The graham cracker profile didn’t show up until later, after the coffee cooled down.

How did you served it?

CoffeeKen Coffee Club served this fine coffee two ways, in a French Press, and in a Bodum Pour over with a metal filter. Both methods showed off the fine flavors and the well-rounded body of the Sidama, but we agreed that the Pour Over was the best way. We didn’t get a heavy body or mouth feel as we did with the French Press. The Pour Over put this coffee right in the golden zone for us. Just the right mouth feel, and it greatly reduced the acidity that was at work in the French Press.

The preferred method of serving.

Food Pairing

Next we did a food pairing, we paired blueberry muffins, lemon poppy seed, and dark chocolate. The blueberry muffins won hands down and everybody thought of blueberry pancakes would have worked just as well. The lemon poppy seed muffins were not a good pairing for both brewing methods, but the dark chocolate won out on the French Press especially when we added dairy to it. Adding dairy did not take away any of the flavor traits to the coffee, we tried it with, and without dairy. We wanted to get an all-round approach to the Sidama.


Overall, we loved the Conscious Coffees Organic Ethiopian and would quickly recommend it to our friends. With the right preparation and food pairing this coffee will be the highlight of your day.  Check out Conscious Coffees web site, they offer monthly subscriptions and an online shop that is easy to use. You can find their coffee at local coffeeshops in Colorado.




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