Roaster Name: Columbia River Coffee Roaster

Street: 279 West Marine Drive
Postcode: 97103
City: Astoria
State: Oregon

Roaster Review: I sampled the Guatemala Antigua and found it to be quite refreshing, the taste and aroma of nuts and spice filled my kitchen when I did my french press. The body was full and well rounded and the flavor match the aroma, when I added milk, a hint of chocolate came forward and made all the more pleasing. The acidity was sweet and a clean finish leaving a pleasant aftertaste. Overall a excellent roast and a cup of coffee.

  • Food pairings:
  • honey roasted peanuts
  • spicey salted cashews
  • Chinese fortune cookies
Phone: 503 325 2755
Country: USA

Description: Since 1992 Columbia River Coffee Roaster has been supplying Oregon and Washington with some outstanding coffee. Located right off the Columbia River Bridge on West Marine Drive. This roaster is well worth the drive for any coffee enthusiast or any person who is interested  in starting a coffee shop and needs a supplier that will fit your needs.Columbia River Coffee  Roaster has e-mail order, with a web site that is easy to move around in.

Origin of Beans:

  • Africa
  • Asian-Pacific
  • South America
Coffee Rating Number: 92
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