Coffee Siphon, a lab gimmick that really works.

Coffee Siphon a lab gimmick that really works. This year I recently acquired a coffee siphon from Bespoke. I was at first skeptical about it working, and secondly, how good was the coffee. Well, my disbelieve was put away on a shelf. The coffee siphon did work as designed. The coffee came out very good, so good in fact I use it on the weekends when I have time to relax and enjoy my favorite caffeinated drink.

The Siphon

I will say this about the coffee siphon, it is not a quick system. If you are pressed for time, this is not your choice. But if you manage your time and have a few minutes to enjoy the show that the siphon puts on. Then this is your ticket to impress your coffee loving friends and geeks alike.


The coffee siphon is very easy to use just follow the instructions. What impressed me the most is how clean and flavorful the coffee is.


Usually with cloth filters, I am disappointed on how bland the coffee comes out. I do believe that the oil in the coffee is a big player on the flavor of coffee. Remove the oil, and you remove a big amount of flavor. I did not get this, what I got was a very clean cup of coffee with very little sludge and lots of flavor, not bad.


Clean-up is somewhat easy, like a French Press you do have to be careful because of all the glass, luckily Bespoke sent the siphon in a wonderful box that is also a nice storge box with a handle.


The biggest challenge I can see is selecting the right grind for the siphon. I used the setting of a percolator or a moka pot. (medium grind) I did a few batches before I zeroed in on the right grind.


Other than that, using the coffee siphon is fun and easy to use. Give yourself some time, don’t be in a rush and let science and the art of coffee meet.




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