Coffee Gator

Biting into the Coffee Market


Coffee Gator is biting into the coffee equipment market with savvy marketing, and best of all with outstanding, quality equipment.

Coffee Gator’s pitcher that has it’s measurement on the inside.

The piece of equipment I am talking about right now is a frothing pitcher. Normally I really don’t pay much attention to steaming pitchers, you can find them anywhere at restaurant supply shops, cooking stores, or fully tricked out coffee shops, and pay a hefty price for one. You still have to take it home and do some modification on it to produce some reasonable latte art.

Not with Coffee Gator’s frothing pitcher. I found myself pouring better streams of foamed milk where I want it and doing an okay job at producing some patterns. Never an expert at latte art, my frothing pitchers did what they were supposed to do, steam milk.

I have a friend who told me to put a finer spout on my pitchers with a set of pliers, so I did, and ruined a rather expensive pitcher from a restaurant supply store. Coffee Gator solved this problem.

Here is what I found

First, their price for their frothing pitcher is perfect, under $20. What you get is a pitcher that has measurements on the inside, so the guessing game is eliminated when you are pouring milk. A large thermometer that is easy to read with the perfect temp zone highlighted.

Coffee Gator’s easy to read thermometer

Secondly the pitcher is made out of some serious stainless steel that distributes the heat around, so you get an even steam and bubble pattern.


Thirdly, my favorite is the finish on the pitcher, it seems to me that the finish is heat resistant, so you don’t burn your hands, and as a guy I love the gun metal grey finish.


Finally, I like how big the handle is for me, it fits my hand perfectly, and as a result, I have more control and confidence in my steaming.

I checked out Coffee Gator’s web site which is totally user friendly. They have a wide selection of items to fill out your barista bar at home, or if you are a coffee enthusiast this is your kind of place to check out.

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