Cocotu’s Bolivian is Perfect for your Home!


Cocotu’s Bolivian is perfect for your home! As a micro lot coffee this one really brings out the subtle flavors of Bolivia. I enjoy buying micro lot coffee from locally owned coffee roasters, they have the recourses to get their hands on some of the best, small lot, and micro lot coffee. Better yet, we as consumers have the opportunity to drink this highly sought-after coffee.

A Bag from Bolivia

Cocotu has spent time going to several of these small lot coffee farmers and building lasting relations with them. The end result is that we, the coffee drinkers, get to enjoy and savor these fine small lot coffees. All you have to do is get on their email list, and pay attention to when they get small lot coffee in, check out the offering on line and hit order if you want it, it is that simple and so rewarding.

Now on to the Bolivian coffee here is what I found.


The aroma is fairly large of cardamom and cocoa, I did get a hint of nuttiness, and some other subtle woody, or earthy spices.


The raisin flavor profile did not show up until the coffee started to cool down, and it is quite enticing. Pairing well with the brown spice and cocoa notes.  Mild in flavors, not overbearing nor subtle, but firm.

Adding milk brings out the cocoa and enhances the brown spice, the raisin flavor makes the coffee quite juicy and sweet and adds a layer of complexity. Overall a smooth, clean cup.


On the meter of light to full this fit right in the middle, adding milk or cream does tip the scale to full but as a coffee served up black it is right in the middle. Adding milk does make this coffee livelier and juicy and almost sparkling due to the acidity.


Very smooth and balanced, both without the milk and with milk.  Naturally sweet when milk was added, it was also noticeably cleaner when milk was added to it.


getting ready to enjoy a cup

Overall this coffee is bang on, a good example of micro lot coffee from Bolivia. A country that I don’t see too often in the local coffee shops. It is full of life without being overbearing and harsh, but a nice enticing cup of the rich flavors of the area.

I like the full freshness of this coffee, it is not fast fading nor light, but a well-rounded cup of coffee. Clean not muddy, nor flat. Just a perfect cup here.

I would use this cup for breakfast, it pairs well with any type of breakfast item, maybe not grapefruit, but everything else is good. Having it at breaktime is a good choice as well, it is a good team player with pastries or simply enjoy as is.

Ordering this Bolivian coffee from Cocotu is a perfect way to get to enjoy the flavors of Bolivia without hopping on a plane, but to sit at home and savor the flavors.

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